Pro-Boeing Legislators Want Air Force To Penalize EADS

by: Matthew Potter
November 20, 2009

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Several Representatives and Senators from states where Boeing (BA) would do much of the work if they won the KC-X tanker contract are pushing the Air Force to either exclude outright EADS (EADS.P) or place a cost factor on their bid. This is all due to the World Trade Organization (WTO) draft ruling that the company received illegal subsidies from several European governments. Supporters of the Northrop Grumman (NG) and EADS say that the ruling is draft and not finalized and should not apply in this competition.

If there was such a move by the Air Force it would significantly reduce the competition in the contract process. It would make the Air Force award the contract to Boeing as the other bid would not be competitive. Of course this is what the legislators want, but a sole source award to Boeing probably would not be palatable to others in Congress or the Department of Defense. There should be at least two bids for each contract and this one is limited to Boeing, EADS and possibly the Russian company Ilyushin. Chances are that a Russian aircraft would not be chosen no matter how cost effective it is. This leaves the U.S. in a very limited position with the KC-X.

This kind of fighting can be expected to go on for the next several months to after the contract award and resolution of any protest.

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