WorldTech International Targets and Finds Technologies to Support Awareness of Leading R&D Organizations — Press Release

WorldTech International Targets and Finds Technologies to Support Awareness of Leading R&D Organizations

Provides Wide Range of Government and Commercial Clients with Global Tech Scouting, Tech Assessments, Intelligence and Other Consulting Services

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Global technology innovation is proliferating at such an exponential pace, it has become extremely challenging, if not impossible, for commercial and government organizations to keep up with emerging technologies. To address this challenge, leading R&D organizations have adopted a new approach to “technology awareness”: leveraging the expertise and advanced technical resources of WorldTech International (WTI), a specialized consulting and knowledge systems development company that focuses on technology and innovation.

WTI works closely with its customers to define and capture their emerging science and technology awareness requirements and provides focused and timely information products to support their needs. Backed by a world-class team of scientists and technologists, and state-of-the-art information systems and analysis tools, WTI investigates the world’s R&D markets identifying the most promising technologies to address their customers’ requirements.

WTI subject matter experts maintain first-hand awareness of research and development efforts worldwide by systematically visiting U.S. and international venues (venture capital meetings, scientific and technical symposiums, and other events). The company’s innovative, industry-leading technology information mining tool, New Technology Opportunities Network (NEWTON), automates and optimizes the mining of expansive volumes of technology information from online resources.

Using collaborative peer review and domain expertise, WTI assesses the capabilities, limitations, and potential of new technologies at the system and/or component level. The team rates vetted technologies against similar competing technologies and/or customer requirements and determines how well they meet specific customer needs.

Customers use WTI services to monitor industry and technology trends, identify potential markets, assess licensing, partnership or acquisition opportunities, support risk or threat assessments, or to maintain attentive awareness and understanding of the science and technology marketplace. The company’s suite of scalable products and services are tailored to facilitate the development of strategies or improve decision-making related to mission-critical systems and solutions. WTI answers technology questions fundamental to planning, research and development initiatives, growth, and market awareness for its clients.

WTI customers include NASA, the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, Department of Homeland Security, other government agencies and a number of defense prime contractors.

“Because we use a well-defined investigative approach coupled with advanced information mining technologies we can rapidly and efficiently serve a diverse customer set,” said Vice President, Kevin McTigue of WorldTech International LLC. “For instance, we have a military customer who is interested in identifying specific technologies available from allied countries for potential cooperative development, another who is interested in technologies that can defeat specific enemy threats and a commercial customer who uses us to identify technologies and companies that help them resolve portfolio gaps.”

WorldTech provides three fundamental services for its clients:

. Global Technology Scouting – Search out and monitor the worldwide technology marketplace to identify and report on newly developed technologies.

. Technology Intelligence & Assessments – Expert technology analysis leveraging advanced data-mining to provide knowledge and understanding of specific technology interests, or comprehensive views of technology arenas with the ability to focus on countries, institutions, technology experts, or other interests as they apply to the innovation domain.

. Open Innovation Solution Development – Identify currently available technology measures and innovations that may be brought together to solve specific development challenges, expand and improve product lines, and improve the bottom line.

New Technology Opportunities Network (NEWTON)
Developed by WTI, NEWTON is an advanced, internet-based knowledge portal that allows users to quickly pinpoint and exploit information about current science and technology development efforts taking place anywhere around the globe. The system uses the latest knowledge management and semantic tools to mine, organize, analyze and collaborate over technology-related information. NEWTON’s sophisticated analysis capabilities and customizable visualization, filtering and extrapolation functions keep users updated with targeted, highly relevant technology information that can provide the edge they need to stay at the forefront of their business or technology field.

While NEWTON is currently used internally at WorldTech, the company plans to roll out a subscription-based commercial version this fall.

For more information on WorldTech’s unique approach to R&D, please visit www.worldtech-int.com.

About WorldTech International LLC

Based in Alexandria, VA, WorldTech International LLC is a specialized consulting and knowledge systems development company that focuses on technology and innovation. Serving national and international clients across all levels of government and industry, WorldTech studies and assesses emerging technologies and scientific discoveries worldwide, acts as a working knowledge base for its clients, and determines which technologies are best suited to its client’s R&D needs or can be applied to mission-critical systems.

For more information, please visit: www.worldtech-int.com.

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