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Australia Continues Project To Automate Logistics

Australia’s Ministry of Defence awarded a follow on contract to Mincom to continue developing an automated, integrated logistics system. There was no value given for the contract. The contract is continue the work done so far for the Joint Project 2077.

This contract is for Phase 2B.2 which builds on the Phase 2B.1 where Mincom delivered the Military Integrated Logistics Information System (MILIS). The goal is for the Australian Defense Force (ADF) to have an system that supports all three services when they deploy for contingency operations overseas. Phase 2B.2 will complete in 2011 and will allow better control and tracking of supporting assets and build upon Phase 2B.1.

Automated logistics systems are becoming more-and-more sophisticated and allow better control, less waste and higher rates of supply and maintenance. For armed forces that are consistently deploying away from their central bases the better logistics control the higher the operational availability of equipment and the higher the capability.

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