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How to Stop Burn Pits From Becoming the Next Agent Orange

As veterans complain of health impacts from toxic fumes, advocates warn that burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan might come back to haunt the administration.

Pentagon’s Plan for Civilian Workforce Falls Short, GAO Finds

Notably, the Defense Department hasn’t figured out the right mix of civilian, military and contractor staff.

Are ‘Pretty Buildings’ Endangering Diplomats?

Oversight committee chairman says looks should not come at the expense of safety.

Germany Expels U.S. Intelligence Official After Spying Allegations

Although Germany is still investigating, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that if the allegations are true, "it would be a serious case."

Senators Will Play Nice if Chalabi Is Picked to Lead Iraq

'You have to,' said Sen. John McCain, a onetime supporter of the Iraqi politician.

Senators Will Play Nice if Chalabi Is Picked to Lead Iraq

'You have to,' said Sen. John McCain, a onetime supporter of the Iraqi politician.

Why Isn’t Obama Going to the Border?

If he goes, he will own the immigration crisis; if he doesn't, he's not showing leadership.

TSA Might Make You Turn Your Phone On to Prove It’s Real

Move is part of a larger push to strengthen security on flights coming into the United States.

Iraq’s Probably Going to Need Help Taking Back Its Country

But Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said no U.S. troops will perform combat missions.

Meet Hurricane Arthur, Your July Fourth Party Crasher

Forecasters expect the storm to pass over North Carolina's Outer Banks on Friday night.

U.S. Embassy in Uganda Warns of ‘Specific’ Terrorist Threat

According to the U.S. Embassy in Kampala, Ugandan police have passed along intelligence on a threat to the Entebbe International Airport.

U.S. Says It’s Been Operating Secretly in Somalia Since 2007

Troops have been active there since the middle of George W. Bush's second term, officials say.

Real U.S. Defense Secretary Phones Internet’s U.S. Defense Secretary

Hagel calls goalkeeper Tim Howard to congratulate him on historic World Cup performance.

Global Strike Command Adds New Job Type to Address Missileer Woes

Assistant director will be a middle-management position charged with supporting command leadership in its efforts to direct junior nuclear personnel.

Report: Two Years After Y-12 Break-In, U.S. Nuclear Security Still ‘Chaotic’

GAO analysts say NNSA's lack of a 'clear vision' since nun's breach of a nuclear weapons site could be problematic.

Obama to Deploy 200 Combat-Ready Troops to Iraq

This will bring the total number of U.S. forces in Iraq to nearly 800.

Audit Questions Savings in Pentagon Plan to Cut Strategic Command, Other Senior Staff

Plan would exclude from consideration a lot of positions that could be cut, GAO finds.

Obama to Name a New Veterans Affairs Head That Republicans Can’t Refuse

The president will reportedly pick Bob McDonald, the former head of Procter & Gamble.

If Obama Wants to Save Iraq, He’ll Have to Get His Hands Dirty

The president likes things clean and surgical, he likes exit strategies and limited commitments.

Senators Drafting Bill That Could Extend Life of Chemical Security Program

The anticipated legislation could serve as a companion to a similar House bill.

Obama Requests $500 Million for ‘Moderate’ Syrian Rebels

Any potential recipient would be properly vetted first, the administration promised.

Will the U.S. Keep Buying Medicine for ‘Black Swan’ Attacks?

Lawmakers will have to decide whether it's worthwhile to guard against relatively unlikely biological attacks.

No Reason To Believe Bergdahl Engaged in Misconduct, Army Says

The Army's investigation is expected to conclude in mid-August.

Republicans Warn Obama Doesn’t Have Two Weeks to Mull Iraq

Senate hawks say the president can't afford to wait for a Pentagon assessment.

Beware the Salesmen of Simple Solutions on Iraq

If history is any guide, humility is the best policy

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