Trump Blames his Rift With the CIA on the Media

In his first speech after the inauguration Trump tried to patch things up with the FBI and CIA.

U.S. Soldiers Will Be Armed With Machine Translators to Kill Communication Woes

Communication is critical in most professions, but in some, clear verbal exchanges can mean the difference between life and death.

Obama Commuted the Sentence of Military Leaker Chelsea Manning

She will be released in May.

Can James Mattis Protect Trump From Hubris?

The president-elect and the risks of overconfidence

Trump Has Considerable Authority to Revamp the Intelligence Community

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But the the 2004 law that created the Office of the Director of National Intelligence creates some hurdles as well.

Pentagon Tester: F-35 Program Rushing Tests, Delays Still Likely

The JSF's latest report card finds 276 deficiencies in combat performance.

The Army Wants to 3-D Print Minidrones in 24 Hours

Future soldiers will make their own eyes-in-the-sky on the go.

The Pentagon Needs Its Own Google For All Its Data, Says Eric Schmidt

The Alphabet chairman says a giant data warehouse would give the military Google-like capability. It would also create the richest intelligence target ever conceived.

Coming Soon to the U.S. Army: Turbans, Beards, Hijabs, and Dreadlocks

In the final days of the Obama administration, the military has issued new guidelines for religious accommodations and dress.

‘There Should Be No Further Releases From Gitmo,’ Trump Says

At least 40 prisoners are being held indefinitely.

The Key to Putin’s Cyber Power

The Russian president has both the capability and the intent to cause harm, says a former U.S. ambassador to Russia. And the threat won’t vanish once Donald Trump takes office.

Hacking Into Future Nuclear Weapons: The U.S. Military’s Next Worry

The U.S. isn’t just modernizing it’s weapons and warheads. The future nuclear arsenal will be networked, and that presents unique challenges for the U.S. Air Force.

Will Trump Break the Special Forces?

The president-elect’s plans to defeat ISIS will rely heavily on elite soldiers already on the verge of burnout.

China Returned the U.S. Underwater Drone it Seized in the South China Sea

The handover was "smoothly" completed at midday, Beijing said.

General Fires Back at Trump: F-35 ‘Not Out of Control’ (It Just Needs Another Half Billion)

The Pentagon’s F-35 boss says costs are falling and he anticipates briefing Trump’s transition team soon, but he needs another $532 million to finish flight testing.

Tracking Trump’s National-Security Conflicts of Interest

A global business empire raises the question: will the next president’s foreign policy serve America’s interests or his own?

That Underwater Drone Trump Doesn’t Want Back? China Says It Might Have ‘Valuable Information’

Chinese military experts say the drone could have been collecting intelligence on the Chinese navy.

Why the NSA Inspector General Lost His Job (and Wants It Back)

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In first major use of special presidential directive, special panel concludes watchdog retaliated against a whistleblower.

What Will Trump Do With Afghanistan?

The president-elect inherits the "Good War."

Pentagon Watchdog’s Handling of Whistleblowers Under GAO Review

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Whistleblower advocates applaud requirement for expanded probe in Defense bill.

Defense Contractors Should Fear More Than Trump’s Tweets

It’s not just Lockheed and Boeing. As president, Trump can mess with just about any contract he wants, even high-priced fighter jets, ships and armored trucks.

Annual Defense Bill Has Major Implications for Feds’ Leave, Pay

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Language curbing paid administrative leave and raising the cap on Defense buyouts makes it into final version that is now headed to Obama’s desk.

The Navy is Trying to Deal With Its Sexual Assault Problem by Giving Sailors a Reporting App

The app was initially created to prevent on-campus gun violence.

What You Don’t Know About Gen. John Kelly

The four-star Southie boy from Boston brings to DHS the grief of losing friends to America’s drug epidemic and a son to the war on terrorism.

Post Expose on Pentagon Waste Draws Mixed Reviews

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Lawmakers vow new actions, but some specialists question the claims.

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