White House’s Pick to Lead Refugee Efforts Is a Critic of Immigration

“To put somebody in charge whose track record consists of writing about how much he despises immigrants is just unfathomable.”

Pompeo Declares Economic War on Iran

The U.S. secretary of state vowed “unprecedented financial pressure in the form of the strongest sanctions in history.”

Pompeo Declares Economic War on Iran

The U.S. secretary of state vowed “unprecedented financial pressure in the form of the strongest sanctions in history.”

Trump’s First Big Breakthrough in North Korea Negotiations

American detainees who were held in Pyongyang are headed home.

Trump Rips Up a ‘Decaying and Rotten Deal’ With Iran

President Trump said he'll begin reinstating nuclear sanctions on the Iranian regime, effectively marking the beginning of the end of the agreement.

James Mattis Has Somehow Stayed on Trump’s Good Side

While the president has railed against other Cabinet officials, the defense secretary has avoided his wrath—so far.

Trump Barely Has Anyone to Talk to North Korea

There are few U.S. officials who have ever met a North Korean representative.

What If Trump’s North Korea Bluster Actually Worked?

Kim Jong Un's offer of talks with the United States is accompanied by questions about his intentions.

Peace Through Bombings: The U.S. Strategy in Afghanistan

The goal of negotiating with the Taliban is at odds with President Trump’s statements.

Trump Wants a Military Parade — So What?

Displays of weaponry in Washington are rare, unlike in other capitals.

16 Years of Presidents Talking About the War in Afghanistan

And the war keeps going.

Why Do People Refer to a Non-Existent ‘Nuclear Button’?

It’s, in fact, a briefcase—but that’s little consolation if you’re faced with annihilation.

North Korea Ends Its Pause in Missile Tests

Along with speculation it was signaling a desire for talks

Trump’s Policy on Terrorism Suspects Looks Like Obama’s

A captured Benghazi suspect is reportedly being brought to the U.S., which means he will be tried in a civilian court.

Trump’s Undermining of Rex Tillerson

The president’s latest tweets question the value of U.S. diplomacy with North Korea.

Trump Threatens to ‘Totally Destroy North Korea’

The president also hinted at the UN General Assembly that the U.S. might quit the Iran nuclear agreement.

The Trump Administration’s Evolving Rhetoric on North Korea

From “fire and fury” to “all options are on the table”

What Should Trump Do in Afghanistan?

"It’s unfortunate that the strategy review has taken so long and now has become involved in a political debate over what America’s role in the world should be."

The President vs. His Own Secretary of State

How reassuring can Rex Tillerson be when his boss can undercut him with a tweet?

Is Trump Right About Afghanistan?

The country is still dangerous nearly 17 years after the U.S.-led ouster of the Taliban regime.

New U.S. Rules Would Ban Most Travel to North Korea

The decision was prompted by Otto Warmbier’s death in June.

North Korea Launches Another ICBM

Preliminary data suggest the projectile can travel farther than the missile launched earlier this month.

Why Russia Ordered the U.S. to Reduce Its Diplomatic Staff

The step comes a day after the U.S. Senate passed a sweeping sanctions bill, which now awaits President Trump’s signature.

Russia Threatens to Expel 30 U.S. Diplomats

Moscow is angry about the Trump administration’s refusal to return two diplomatic compounds seized last year by the Obama administration.

Trump Weighs a ‘Pretty Severe’ Response to North Korea’s ICBM Test

The president said “something will have to be done about” the Kim Jong Un regime’s actions.

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