A ‘Serious Political and Military Provocation’ in the South China Sea

A U.S. Navy destroyer sailed within 12 miles of a disputed island for the Trump administration’s second “freedom-of-navigation operation."

U.S. Confirms the Death of ISIS Leader in Afghanistan

Officials say Abdul Hasib was killed in a special operations raid last April that also killed two U.S. Army Rangers.

The First U.S. Casualty in Somalia Since ‘Black Hawk Down’

A Navy SEAL died during a special-operations mission against al-Shabaab.

Actually, the U.S. Will Pay for the THAAD Anti-Missile System

South Korea said the Trump administration reconfirmed its commitment to foot the bill, contradicting what the president said days earlier.

The Future of Deportations Under Trump

The administration's new policies expand who is eligible for deportation, and an Arizona mother who has lived in the country for 21 years may be its first example.

Trump Blames his Rift With the CIA on the Media

In his first speech after the inauguration Trump tried to patch things up with the FBI and CIA.

The Suspension of U.S.-Russian Cooperation in Syria

The U.S. said Russia has failed to live up to its agreement to allow aid workers into Aleppo.

A Mustard Gas Attack on U.S. Troops

A general confirmed that Islamic State fighters used the chemical weapon this week in an attack on American soldiers in Iraq.

A First Look Inside Border Patrol’s ‘Iceboxes’

Images unsealed by a U.S. federal court in Tucson, Arizona, show migrants crammed into holding cells and huddling together for warmth.

That Wasn’t An Earthquake

The U.S. Geological Survey reported a 3.7-magnitude “earthquake” in Florida over the weekend, but what was it really?

The Civilians Killed in U.S. Airstrikes

Between 64 and 116 civilians and more than 2,000 militants have been killed outside war zones, the White House said.

Is Long-Term Immigration Detention Illegal?

The U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether detained migrants can be held for longer than six months without a bail hearing.

No Alcohol for U.S. Sailors in Japan

The Navy has banned drinking after the latest arrest of an American on Okinawa.