Montie Design Completes Reference Design and Tolerance Analysis — Press Release

by: Matthew Potter
March 13, 2012

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Work Showcases Firm’s Rack Mount Chassis, OEM Application Design Capabilities

(Morrisville, N.C.) Montie Design, an innovative concept-to-marketplace product design and development firm, has successfully completed a reference design and complex tolerance analysis project for Molex Incorporated, a global supplier of interconnect products.

Tasked with designing a reference enclosure utilizing Molex Impact™ Ortho Direct connectors in a typical rack mount application, Montie Design also delivered a step-by-step tolerance analysis of the design for Ortho Direct connector customers.

“Our reference design and step-by-step tolerance analysis helps alleviate any concerns on the part of customers who are reticent to use the Ortho Direct connectors in their design without any previous experience using these connects,” Montie Design President Montie Roland explained.

The Molex connectors are used in multiple applications such as wire-to-wire, modular jacks, wire-to-board and board-to-board. The new Impact™ Ortho Direct connectors are straightforward to design into an application, but are different than the traditional mid-plane connectors (similar to the backplane on a personal computer) because they don’t require a mid-plane to pass signals from the I/O cards to the fabric cards. Legacy designs reach a point where the mid-plane itself becomes a bottleneck limiting the amount of air and data that can move through the device. The Impact™ Ortho Direct connectors overcome these barriers by allowing an open air-flow chassis and higher date rates by eliminating the mid-plane and capacitive vias.

“Our team was thrilled to be able to work with Molex, particularly because the Impact™ Ortho Direct connectors are very different than most orthogonal connectors in the marketplace,” Roland said.

Challenges posed by the project included having to create a reference design that was very generic in an industry where most products are very focused on a specific set of performance criteria. Montie Design also had to create a tolerance analysis that was easy-to-follow and understandable for a wide variety of engineers and designers across the U.S. and overseas.

The firm used a similar process as it would with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) design needing a piece of rack mount equipment. Design team members created concept sketches and models; once approved, the team moved on to creating 3D CAD models and drawings using SolidWorks design software, while producing a detailed tolerance analysis in white paper format on a parallel course.

“Previously, we designed an enclosure using Ortho Direct connectors for a large OEM client and then applied the lessons learned in that project to developing a more generic enclosure for Molex to use as a technology demonstrator. This helps Molex customers understand how best to use the Ortho Direct connectors in their equipment. A big part of this project is also demonstrating the detailed steps needed for a Molex customer to create a tolerance analysis specific to their own rack mount enclosure for a datacenter or other high reliability environment,” Roland said.

“The collaborative work conducted by Montie Design will be leveraged to help core customers overcome application design challenges. The reference design and tolerance analysis provide a powerful tool to promote proven Impact™ Ortho Direct connectors and expand into new markets,” concurs Pete Soupir, New Product Development Manager, Molex. “This reference tool will confidently enable customers to design orthogonal direct architectures, enabling their system much benefit through air-flow, applied cost, and electrical performance”.

The Montie Design toolset offers core competencies in mechanical engineering, industrial design, prototyping and product commercialization. The firm is active in numerous design and engineering groups and organizations throughout North Carolina as well as the North Carolina Defense Business Association, and is hosting a Winter 2012 Student Design Contest for aspiring product designers.

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About Molex Incorporated
Providing more than connectors, Molex delivers complete interconnect solutions for a number of markets including data communications, telecommunications, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, medical, military and lighting. Established in 1938, the company operates 40 manufacturing locations in 16 countries. The Molex website is Follow us at watch our videos at, connect with us at and read our blog at

About Montie Design
Montie Design is an innovative concept-to-marketplace product design and development firm with core competencies in mechanical engineering and industrial design. Implementing a collaborative approach to partnering with clients, Montie Design balances vision with usability in realizing products that are economical to manufacture, elegant and robust. The firm operates out of the Southeast’s innovation hub, the Research Triangle region of North Carolina, with its wealth of industry-leading technology, resources and customers. For more information, visit

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