Entegrion Will Continue Work on Plasma Storage and Transport

by: Matthew Potter
October 7, 2011

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The U.S. Defense Department has spent a lot of money over the last ten years on advanced medical technology and research. This has been driven by the nature of the threat of biological Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) as well as ways to treat soldiers on the battlefield better and more quickly. This has included billions on new vaccines and treatments for WMD potential such as anthrax and plague as well as those to allow personnel to operate in environments where diseases like Yellow Fever are common. Another area has been in treatment capabilities with improved bandages or anti-bacterialogical equipment.

Entegrion, a small bioreasearch company in North Carolina, received a contract to continue its work on flash freezing plasma. This will allow better storage and transport of the blood component used to provide transfusions on the battlefield. The contract with the Department of Defense is worth almost $44 million.

The contract is for four years with all options and will if things go well take the product through the third phase of clinical trials and then into license application.

Entigrion has also received other contracts from the military to work on products to treat shock and bleeding.

The U.S. has had great success in reducing the number of battlefield deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan. Part of this is due to the new technology for medical treatment as well as a ability to transport wounded quickly to large and effective hospitals.

The other thing is that much of this work will be applicable to the civilian population as well improving their medical treatment and health.

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