SELEX Galileo awarded a £19M contract from the UK MoD for an AESA Technology Demonstrator Programme

by: Jeffrey Bradford
February 17, 2010

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SELEX Galileo awarded a £19M contract from the UK MoD for an AESA Technology Demonstrator Programme
17 February 2010

SELEX Galileo, a Finmeccanica Company, has received a £19M Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar Technology Demonstrator Programme (TDP) contract from the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (UK MoD). The contract includes development and build of a first of type, multi-function, wide field of regard AESA radar providing increased capability and performance when compared to conventional AESA Fire Control radar systems.

Aimed at future UK platforms, the AESA TDP will focus on Day/Night All Weather targeting, high resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), and Air – Air targeting and communications and will raise the technology readiness levels of the enabling hardware, de-risk the capability and demonstrate maturity of concept. After rigorous ground and compact antenna test range testing, the radar is planned to fly on a Royal Air Force Typhoon aircraft in the UK.

This TDP programme builds on previous investment from UK MoD and SELEX Galileo’s considerable internal investment in AESA technology and product development.

SELEX Galileo announces $10M AESA surveillance radar contract for the US Department of Homeland Security

SELEX Galileo, a Finmeccanica company, has been awarded a $10M contract for Seaspray 7500E Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radars which will be fitted to King Air 350ER Multi-role Enforcement Aircraft (MEA) of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and US Customs and Border Protection (US CBP). Follow on contracts for additional SELEX Galileo AESA radars should be finalised within the next few months. This new achievement follows the success of other SELEX Galileo AESA radars in the US strategic security domain.

The US Coast Guard previously selected Seaspray 7500E for its HC-130H maritime patrol aircraft which is now in operational service. US Customs and Border Protection has also selected the Vixen 500E for its Citation 550 aircraft for an air intercept role. On the King Air aircraft, Seaspray 7500E will be crucial to the Multi-role Enforcement Aircraft’s ability to conduct its missions of maritime surveillance, overland surveillance and air to air detection and tracking of small light aircraft.

The prime contractor for the MEA is Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) of Sparks, Nevada and the Seaspray radars will be delivered to them for integration into the aircraft. SELEX Galileo will work closely with Sierra Nevada Corporation to ensure the radars are optimised for the specific MEA missions.

Steve Mogford, Chief Executive Officer, said: “We are delighted to announce this latest Seaspray contract in the US and are proud to be delivering a key sensor for this vital MEA mission. SELEX Galileo’s AESA surveillance radar is setting standards in the US surveillance market that other radars cannot meet. We look forward to working closely with our prime contractor, Sierra Nevada Corporation, to deliver this important capability”.

SELEX Galileo awarded a £10 M contract by the Canadian Department of National Defence

SELEX Galileo, a Finmeccanica Company, has been awarded a £10M contract by the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) for the supply of the Company’s Digital Gun Management Systems (DGMS). DGMS is a variant of the UK Light Gun LINAPS (Laser Inertial Artillery Pointing System) for the M777 lightweight towed howitzer. The order follows on from an initial contract procured in 2006.

The Company’s Digital Gun Management Systems (DGMS) has demonstrated that it can dramatically improve the Canadian Artillery’s capability during missions providing timely and accurate target engagement. The system can be rapidly deployed and the gun crew can operate from unsurveyed locations, in all weather and light conditions. DGMS represents a significant improvement over traditional artillery systems which relied on optical sights to determine gun direction.

Keith Marshall, VP Marketing and Sales Electronic Warfare and BPA at SELEX Galileo said: “SELEX Galileo welcomes the award of this new contract for its battle proven LINAPS system. Above all we are delighted by the appreciation of its performance that has been acknowledged by the Canadian customer, as well as by other customers that are currently using it in theatre. LINAPS confirms itself as a strategic asset in the tactical scenario delivering outstanding force protection capability and further market opportunities are arising around the world starting with India.”

The DGMS-equipped M777s have performed with high precision since they were deployed in theatre in late 2006. The Canadian Forces has proven experience with the DGMS on operations and training since its introduction into service in 2006.

Notes to the Editors:

DGMS incorporates a gunner’s display, vehicle motion sensors and a powerful mission management system. The DGMS is integrated with the Indirect Fire Control Computer System (IFCCS) and the Raytheon Microlight digital radio, to provide a digital link from the Command Post to the guns. This ensures a seamless transfer of mission data and rapid, accurate target engagement.

LINAPS, of which DGMS is a variant, is in service with the British Army 105mm L118 Light Gun, and was successfully deployed in Iraq during the second Gulf war. A self-contained gun-mounted navigation, pointing and weapon management system, LINAPS enables rapid and accurate artillery deployment in all weather conditions.

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