American Rheinmetall Munitions Is Ramped Up for 40mm Green Training Ammo — Press Release

by: Matthew Potter
December 3, 2009

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American Rheinmetall Munitions Is Ramped Up for 40mm Green Training Ammo

Mk281 and M1110 Production Lines Bolster U.S. Ammunition Industrial Base

STAFFORD, Va., Dec. 3 /PRNewswire/ — American Rheinmetall Munitions (ARM), Inc. is pleased to announce the start-up of their new production facility in Camden, Arkansas. As a result of continued success in the U.S. 40-millimeter green training ammunition market, this capital investment will positively impact U.S. small businesses that have teaming agreements and supply chain contracts with ARM. Teaming partners include Cyalume Technologies in Massachusetts and Spectra Technologies, Llc. in Arkansas. Contract award winners include Greystone Corporation in Rhode Island and AK Stamping Company, Inc. in New Jersey.

Economic sensitivity towards small business is strictly enforced by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to maintain the health of the ammunition industrial base. Consideration for on-going contracts is not weighed only on using U.S. government fixed assets and manufacturing capabilities; job creation and high-skilled labor retention are also weighed.

On a state level, ARM has also aligned with Arkansas’ economic interests. The facility location was planned through the Ouachita Partnership for Economic Development and the Arkansas Department of Economic Development to benefit surrounding communities. It is part of Highland Industrial Park, formerly the Shumaker Naval Ammunition Depot. The depot was operated by the Navy from 1944 -1957 until it was categorized as surplus by the DoD. Part of the land became the town of East Camden; another part became educational facilities that supply high-skilled labor for the Park.

Rheinmetall’s entrance into the 40-millimeter green ammunition market began in 1999 with the U.S. Foreign Comparative Testing program, created by the DoD. By 2009, ARM qualified two training cartridges, Mk281 and M1110. Both enable 24/7 day-night combat training in extremely dry weather, which enable War-fighters to train as they intend to fight. Mk281 MOD 0 and MOD 1 are for the high-velocity MK19, MK47 grenade machine guns. M1110 is for the low-velocity M203, MK13, M79 and M320 grenade launchers.

Besides addressing the DoD’s mission to provide the best for War-fighters, Rheinmetall is addressing the DoD’s mission to resolve Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) issues. UXO creates economic stagnation for communities impacted by high-risk unsellable land. Unlike the Army’s dud producing M918, a flash-bang training cartridge designed in 1970, Mk281 and M1110 fired projectiles can be stepped on, picked up, rolled over, and excavated with no risk of bodily harm. They are non-dud producing designs. And, unlike M918, Rheinmetall payloads are potassium perchlorate-free. There is no risk of toxic leaching into water systems.

American Rheinmetall Munitions (ARM), Inc. headquarters is located in Stafford, Virginia. The production facility is located in Camden, Arkansas. ARM is committed to continued growth by means of strategic teaming, exceptional supply-chain management, advanced production techniques, and alignment with the Department of Defense’s initiatives to provide the best for War-fighters.

Source: American Rheinmetall Munitions (ARM), Inc.
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