Australia To Expand And Restructure Military

by: Matthew Potter
May 4, 2009

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The current government of Australia under Prime Minister Rudd has announced major plans to restructure the country’s military for the Twenty-First Century. A white paper describing the proposed changes was released late last week. The focus will be on expanding the ground forces, re-equipping the Navy and general modernization.

The government is also looking at this increased investment in the military as a sort of stimulus for the Australian economy during the current downturn in the world’s finances. As much of the work possible will be done in Australia and for the Navy especially there are plans for significant new construction of submarines and ships.

The core of the plan is to add twelve new submarines and new destroyers and multi-role patrol craft. There will also be new helicopters for the Navy to replace the SH-2 fiasco. The Air Force modernization will be built around 100 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters (JSF). The ground forces will see a slight growth with new vehicles.

The way this is structured shows that Australia is looking at defending themselves with the submarines and aircraft. The ground forces will allow intervention in regional conflicts if necessary. The submarines as well will provide the core offensive capability if required. The White Paper makes it clear that China will be the dominant Asian power for the next several years and Australia must adjust their capabilities for this.

While Australia has spent more since 9/11 and used their forces in Afghanistan the major modernization programs were carried over from the Nineties. This is the first stop and relook at the country’s needs and rebaseline of capabilities.

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