Press Release: New Patrol Hovercraft

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October 5, 2008

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Small patrol hovercraft allow access to areas that no other vehicles can reach, so they are ideal for patrolling shallow water areas, tidal mud, sand, ice, grass etc. When speed of access is important, hovercraft are true all-terrain vehicles, and can travel from land to sea, back to land without delay, simply by a flick of the wrist. With no propeller to snag on under-water obstructions, hovercraft can safely operate in areas out of bounds to conventional marine craft. Tidal areas don’t restrict hovercraft as they fly above any flat surface. They can even navigate fast flowing rivers, so in all sorts of terrain, and any time of the tidal day, they can deliver patrol personnel precisely to where they need to reach, and fast.

These characteristics make hovercraft ideal for homeland security, border patrol, and civil emergencies such as flood or ice rescue. Where flooding has been widespread, rapid response can save lives from drowning and hypothermia, and after the event, hovercraft can deliver vital emergency supplies of food and medicines, or specialist personnel.

Hov Pod announces a new model to their range of patrol hovercraft, the Hov Pod SPX 120 Turbo, which utilises a 120 HP 4 stroke Weber engine. This engine delivers a quieter yet improved performance and greater operating range per tank of fuel. The additional power enables the operator to lift a heavier payload from an on-water start.  The Hov Pod is a 3-man hovercraft manufactured from rugged HDPE (High Density Polyethylene).

One engine delivers both lift and thrust to allow the craft to fly at an average height of 9 inches. Air lifts the craft through the air cushion, comprising a series of 65 different skirt sections. Without any contact with the ground, three men and rescue equipment can reach speeds approaching 50 miles per hour. The one engine design approach make Hov Pods easy to fly, most operators are happy with the controls after just an hour’s training, and the one hand operation allow the driver to carry a searchlight.
In colder climates, ice can restrict conventional vessels, and snowmobiles are at risk to falling through the ice, whereas hovercraft can fly over any flat surface at speeds up to 50 mph.
For homeland security, a fast patrol boat is necessary to prevent border insurgency, so small hovercraft are ideal for border protection.
Small amphibious assault craft are very useful for drug patrols, to give operatives the advantage to apprehend fast patrol boats and Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBS)

24/7 Access
Hov Pods allow access 24/7 – they traverse above small rocks and submerged coral and other obstacles in their path, and skim over tidal streams, mud, sandbars etc, these craft are true all-terrain vehicles.

Unique Hull Design
The Hov Pod’s hull design is unique, and utilises High Density Polyethylene  – this material has been used in the past in the construction of F1 crash barriers and artificial joints. HDPE is very light, very strong and impact resistant, and extremely buoyant so makes an ideal material for hovercraft construction. Floating on a cushion of air enables a completely different yet extremely comfortable ride. For example, a quick flick of the steering handles, and you can effect a 180 turn, or 360/720 spin making the craft very responsive.

The sheer versatility of the craft make them ideal for all manner of applications, such as tenders, rescue craft, exploration to places other vehicles cannot reach, such as winter ice-bound areas, shallow rivers, or deserted islands surrounded by coral-reefs.
Rescue companies use them to reach victims of flood, mud, ice, fast rivers and tidal streams.
Hov Pods seat three adults, weigh 683 pounds, measure 12 feet by 6.

For further information, please contact Mike Glanville at:
Phone: +44(0)23 8023 1111

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