House Democrats Want To Kill This More Useable Nuke. They’re Right.

By: Kingston Reif and Caroline Dorminey, Defense One

There are no good arguments for the W76-2 warhead, and quite a few good ones against.

The Ambassador From a Government That Doesn’t Exist Yet

By: Uri Friedman, The Atlantic

Carlos Vecchio and the Venezuelan opposition are betting on the Trump administration to help bring Nicolás Maduro’s reign to an end.

THAILAND: Sacrifices Must Be Made

By: StrategyPage.com

PEACEKEEPING: Ignoring This Problem Makes It Much Worse

By: StrategyPage.com

Pentagon, Lockheed Martin Failed to Ensure Proper Parts for F-35

By: Charles S. Clark

Watchdog questions adherence to contracts and performance incentives for Defense’s largest buy.

Shanahan Out; Army Secretary Esper to Be Acting Secretary of Defense

By: Katie Bo Williams, Defense One

Trump tweets the news after reports that the FBI was looking into a violent domestic dispute from nine years ago.